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the confederacy heats up, mississippi governor haley barbour weighing in saying why should virginia's governor have mentioned slavery in his proclamation? we will talk with historian douglas brink about the real history of the war and why now, many try to rewrite it. >>> keeping them honest, the ten continue family who sent their newly adopted russian child back, putting him on a plane alone and not even telling russian officials he was coming. this 17-year-old justin hanson that we are talking about, there he is, we blurred his image because of his age and the situation he was involved n he was adopted only about six months ago but last week, he showed up, as you probably know, up announced at russia's child protection ministry with a note from his adopted family saying he was violent and the mom was misled by adoption officials in russia. russian officials are furious, threatening to suspend all adoption buys americans. today, tennessee law enforcement officials held a news conference but the truth is as you are going to see, they are having trouble investigating the case because just answer
andrews air force base, over on the beltway close to pennsylvania avenue. let me take you to virginia. 395 traffic not found on the 14th street bridge, that crashed on the d.c. side of the bridge is a doozy. there's a lot of equipment on the scene with only one lane getting by. if you take mass-transit, i have no major disruptions. they are on normal service. >> it is 6:00. in our top story, the growing death toll in the wake of the strong storms that tore across the nation's south. authorities say at least 12 people are dead after high wind from a tornado leveled hundreds of palms. the same storm system is responsible for the severe weather here. courtney robinson is in the newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> what we did see was heavy rain and wind. in comparison, it is not much to what the south and midwest experienced since thursday, more than 80 twisters spotted. more than twice the number in all of march. 10 people are dead, including a baby and two children, killed by tornadoes in mississippi. if the twister left roughly to london mile-long track of destruction in the state.
and the panhandle of west virginia. today, just thunderstorms. there are showers of to the west of leesburg. debbie pockets coming down. mainly cloudy today with a glimpse of sunshine. off and on showers, a rumble of thunder, high temperatures around 70. >> now to lisa baden. >> beltway travel and interstate travel looks fine. 395 north on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. in the virginia camera, 395 north towards the 14th street bridge, looks like everything is moving nicely. they are moving the camera around to get a glimpse of the crash on the other side of the bridge. no evidence of it. it's near the exit at 12th street. no worries. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story this morning, the death toll in the wake of strong storms that tore across the nation'souths. 12 people are dead after high winds from a tornado leveled hundreds of homes. the same storm system is responsible for severe weather here on the weekend. courtney robinson has more on the weather. good morning. >> we did see some heavy rain and wind. in comparison, it is not much compared with what the south and midwest e
let me bring in homer, a west virginia native, a former miner. he's written books, including the most recent "red helmet." he's joining me by skype. when you're looking at methane gas, these were changes made after the last big mining accident, have these safe rooms where people could go in, miners could go in, there would be oxygen, communications and water and keep them safe. apparently searchers went in and looked at one of these rooms and it was empty. how reliable is it to provide a safe place when miners are down there working in these sort of dangerous conditions? >> well, it's a great idea when it works. when you have as huge an explosion as this one, there's not an opportunity necessarily to get to one of these safe rooms or barricade yourself up. this was obviously a huge explosion that killed this many miners right off the bat. the four miners that were missing apparently were in the same area. so the energy that's involved with a blast like this possibly caused them not to be able to get anywhere. >> this apparently is a mine that is a nonunion mine. does that in
evening. i'm jim lehrer. rescue efforts were on hold tonight at the west virginia mine, where an explosion claimed the lives of at least 25 miners. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, it was the deadliest mining accident in the u.s. in 26 years. we'll get the latest on the blast and the rescue effort and look at the state of mine safety. >> lehrer: then, jeffrey brown gets two views on the obama administration's call for new limits on nuclear weapons. >> this review describes how the united states will reduce the role and numbers of nuclear weapons with a long-term goal of nuclear free world. >> ifill: paul solman explores small community banks versus institutions deemed too big to fail. >> size does matter but you don't need to be a large institution in order to be successful as a financial institution today. >> lehrer: and we get an update on the deadly wave of bombings in iraq from rod nordland of the "new york times" in baghdad. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and by the bill and melinda gates founda
into summer it's time to think about protecting your skin from the sun. today west virginia an expert on hand to help you get prepared and lower your risk for burn, the early onset of wrinkles and even skin cancer. she's answering questions rights now on just head to our home page. she was on about 30 minutes ago on the air and now doing a web chat. >> we love dr. macklin. >>> right now we want to turn our attention over to gwen tolbert and in for tucker this morning to let you know what this monday is shaping up to look like? >> well no sunshine. we have clouds and rain and drizzle and not quite as bad as it was yesterday where we had some really strong storms roaring through, but let's take a look at radar and show you what is happening. we have rainfall and plenty of it across many areas and heavy pockets of rainfall here as well. we don't have any warnings or watches, but this is something you'll have to contend with during the course of the day and there is a chance this afternoon we could see some storms popping up. so be aware of that. we're not quite cle
follows democrat tom periello home to his virginia district. >> health care is not my fight t was about economic relief to working it in middle-class families. seniors who are struggling. if we can save them a little money, that's a really big deal for people. >> lehrer: and we get the analysis of david brooks and ruth marcus, filling in for mark shields. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour is provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the oldest member of the u.s. supreme court is stepping down after 35 years. justice john paul stevens had been the leader of the court's liberal wing. judy woodruff has the story. >> woodruff: justice stevens informed president obama of his resignation in a one-paragraph letter this morning. it read: "my dear mr. president: having concluded that it would be in the best interests of the court to have my successor a
. story in virginia will be northbound i-95 at rappahannock. you will find some traffic is squeezing through there single file to the left. already about a mile and a half backup trying to make your way through fredericksburg. traveling closer in to the beltway, no problems to report leaving newington and springfield headed up onto 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we are following several developing stories from overseas this thursday morning. ash clouds from an erupting volcano in iceland disrupting air travel in northern europe notch flights are allowed in british air space and airports in scotland are closed. the united states has frozen most trans-atlantic flights n iceland, ash isn't the only problem. there is all flooding because the volcano is now erupting into a glacier sending water gushing down the mountain side. >>> in rush yitzhak rabin the foreign ministry has said that all u.s. adoptions of russian children have been suspended. this is fallout from the case of that tennessee woman who sent her adopted 7-year-old son back to moscow alone on a plane.
been a border battle between virginia and west virginia. it's been settled now. but the problem came about after a subdivision was built and a school and fire department questioned the dividing line. this is at the crest of a mountain. and after a land survey, west virginia gained a few feet. >>> could legalizing marijuana be on just for medical use boost the economy? we'll take a look ahead. >>> and you've heard about the s.e.c. employees spending quite a bit of time looking at pornography on the job while wall street suffered. but what is it that drives people to try this risky behavior at the workplace. lisa van sustern comes up after the break. >>> and after the break we'll get the latest weather from tony and the traffic from charlie. 7:27, 54 degrees out there. e >>> some encouraging news about brett michaels. the rocker now awake. the poison front man complained of what he said was an excruciating headache thursday night. well it turns out he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. he's been in critical condition. doctors are still trying to find out the source of the bleeding. h
town of mount coal, west virginia. joining us live with the latest on this ongoing search, katherine? >> hi anita, this afternoon,crews installed them in the holes that they have been drilling for the past couple of days. they are in the process now of trying to ventilate this mine, trying to air out some of the poisonous gases. under the ideal conditions if nothing going wrong, they will be able to get in about 6:00 tonight. >> reporter: rescuers waiting outside the upper big branch mine are anxious to get back to ground. >> this is still a rescue mission to us. we still have rescue chambers that we have to go to. and we still believe. >> reporter: this morning, they got close to where four missing miners might be located. when explosive levels of the toxic gas forced them to evacuate. >> as you can imagine, hauling equipment for the long distance, getting out there, getting exactly where you need to be. and then happens to double time and back out because you find yourself in harm's way. >> reporter: crews are working aboveground to drill more holes to make the air in the mines saf
in the middle of a tornado. >> an explosion rocks a west virginia mine 1,000 feet under ground. >> i just started getting these phone calls. they asked me if kevin was working the evening or day. and when i told them, the evening. they told me there had been an explosion. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation. questions about this mine's long history of safety problems, as the families and community come together to mourn. >> breaking news coverage on "good morning america," the tragedy in west virginia. >>> and it has now been 16 hours since the deadly explosion at the massey energy company's upper big branch coal mine in west virginia. it's the worst blast since 1984. officials still hoping they will find some survivors. but they have warned the families the situation is dire. >> it is. and we know at least 25 miners were killed in the blast. four others are still missing more than 1,000 feet under ground. the crews had to halt the search and rescue efforts overnight because of the buildup of gas in the mine. >> the buildup of methane gas that is highly flammable. massey co
around. at the wilson bridge, traffic slowing out of virginia into 295 in the local lanes, the problem is the crash northbound at the suitland parkway. right side is still blocks and this is the jam and delays from maryland out of 295 and all of the traffic north into southeast washington. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> making headline this is morning, bridges and roads around the country in disrepair and the problem is going to get worse and it's going to get more dangerous. this is the finding of a new report just out for the u.s. public interest research group and joining us with more on the bridge and road conditions here, john creeker with the public interest group. thanks for joining us this morning, john. >> thank you. >> and let's talk about the problem in general. research that went into this found what when it comes to the condition of our roads and bridges? >> the purpose of this report was that take a look comprehensively about the nation's bridges and roads around the country and to find the reason based on the political pressures that lead to the roads
of west virginia, a day to honor the men and women killed, disabled, injured on the job. in my state of ohio alone in 2008, 167 workers died on the job, and the 119,000 injury claims were filed. the ohio bureau of workers compensation. before my question i'd like to share a real quick story that i had steered with mr. main with his in my office. i've were my lapel, a picture of a dinner in a birdcage and what in this room knows what that's about, just to signify the importance of workers in safety and all the other things that come with it. the question i have is the mission in your statement, mr. main, that msh has limited tools to hold that actors accountable to try to force mining companies to change their behavior. you gave an example of a tool that msh does use by issuing a withdrawal order and stopping production. but these orders are only used when conditions present imminent danger. my question is, isn't that too late? our withdrawal orders just enough, adequate to prevent disaster? >> yes. there's about four basic tools that inspectors have under the might act to take action
>>> breaking news. the search is called off for those still missing in the deadly west virginia coal mine explosion. we'll bring you the latest from the scene. >>> a contrite tiger woods opens up as he gets set to return to golf. >> i lied to a lot of people, deceived a lot of people. kept others in the dark. rationalized, you know, and i lied to myself. >> and march madness comes to a fitting close. >> almost went in! >> as duke holds into beat butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, butler in a game for the anyoge. early this tuesday morning, april 6, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. we're in montcoal, west virginia, just a couple of miles from the big branch mine which is the site of this terrible disaster that happened yesterday afternoon. good morning, maggie. this is just maybe one of the saddest places in america this morning. there was so much hope yesterday afternoon and as the evening hours turned in to early morning hours, we are faced with a disaster of significant proportions. >> i know, harry. 25 peop
eastern here on c-span2. >> west virginia held a memorial yesterday for the 29 miners killed earlier this month in the worst u.s. mine disaster in 40 years. massey energy companies said air samples didn't show high enough levels of explosive gases just before the explosion. i look now at yesterday's memorial service for those miners that this portion is about an hour and a half. >> jason madden atkins. [applause] [silence] [silence] carl "peewee" acord. [applause] [silence] [silence] james "eddie" moone. [applause] [silence] [silence] joshua scott napper. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence] kenneth a. chapman, sr. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] timmy davis. [applause] [silence] [silence] benny r. willingham. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] gregory steven brock. [applause] [silence] [silence] cory thomas davis. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence] steven j. "smiley" harrah. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence] nicolas mccroskey. [applause] [silence] [silence] christopher lee bell, sr. [applause] [silence] [silence] [silence
is to capture him or to kill him. >> lehrer: gwen ifill updates the investigation into last week's west virginia coal mine tragedy. and fred de sam lazaro reports on using private capital for the public good. in this case, for toilets in the slums of kenya. that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: the presi
. the latest on the mine accident in west virginia and the search for survivors. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: family members cling to what the state's governor called "a sliver of hope." we'll talk to frank langfitt of national public radio on the scene. >> lehrer: then, gwen ifill reports on the political turmoil in the former soviet republic of kyrgyztan-- site of a u.s. air base that supplies troops in afghanistan. >> brown: we debate a court decision that could limit future regulation of the internet. >> lehrer: we have updates on two school systems: john merrow reports on alternatives for troubled teens in new orleans. >> i've got 16-year-old seventh graders and 17-year-old eighth graders and 18-year-old ninth graders who are reading at the third or fourth grade reading level. those are tremendous challenges. >> a lot of them put up walls. >> brown: and we look at washington d.c, where the schools chief struck a deal with the teachers union. >> lehrer: and, fred de sam lazaro tells a good news story about an effort championed by former president carter t
definitely need the skin lotion. over the weekend, the big virginia cup gold races take place at the plains, great meadow on saturday. looks like it's going to be a hot day for the races. it will be in the 80s, and it should be mostly dry, though. there's a slight chance of an isolated shower perhaps or thundershower late in the day. right now, it has reached near 60 or a little bit higher than that across all of virginia, from the great meadow area and the plain out in fauquier county, loudoun, the horse area, up into the 60s. closer to washington, near 60 in prince george's county. as well as montgomery, arlington, fairfax, near the bay and eastern shore, just a delightful spring day underway. near 60 degrees there. we have the winds still blustery there. not as gusty as they were yesterday. these are the latest wind speeds and miles per hour, the biggest gusts have been around 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures on the eastern shore are near 60 now. and out of the mountains, it's climbed into the mid-50s there after a start this morning in the 20s. so quite a cold start. well, as we ta
accepted this invitation and am very grateful to virginia but what they don't know is i am mostly accepted the invitation because it gives me an opportunity too actually interact with cornel west who is so big and busy that he is not sufficiently available so here we are thrown together into this conversation but in all seriousness i think one of the things that is wonderful about the gathering is it allows us to consider people who are behind bars and to acknowledge them not only as a part of our humanity but also their membership of our social body. the book that is celebrated today "jailhouse lawyers" is a vote of addition to a growing literature that makes clear there is firebrand life behind bars. not solely in violence exploitive programs you may have seen on television but the act that we have deliberately as a society made of intellectually able individuals who toil and trouble under difficult circumstances to prove they are human. and before we go on to the larger subject i realize mumia abu-jamal was the subject of the conversation but as a social anthropologist at princeton let
to be checked and arrests to be made against -- and checked against records. >>> virginia police chaplains can now say the name of jesus in their prayers to get rid the state superintendent has -- in their prayers. this after a court ruling. prayers' in government agencies cannot favor a religious group. >>> still to come, today a class full of kindergarten children attacked. we will have the latest from the attacking china. and britain alexian -- britain postelection is a week away. -- and britain's election is a week away. and a parking garage crash five floors up. look at that. brian it back with the forecast. >>> we are following breaking news out of southeast d.c. where police are at the scene of a deadly pedestrian exit. this happened at first and n street at 10:30 this morning. police say a car struck a pedestrian at the intersection and the victim died at the scene. an investigation is currently under way. >>> a knife wielding man has attacked a kindergarten class of 4-year-old in eastern china. 26 children are injured. five of them are in critical condition. two teachers and one secur
read in the papers is that virginia, arlington county are proposing to step up to the plate and they should be commended. now only if we could get d.c. and maryland on board, a lot of the problems would be solved. >> if you would like more information on the hearings go to and click on web links. >>> there are budget troubles for maryland which could mean more unpaid days off for state workers. later today lawmakers will begin debate. it calls to skip cost of living increases, merit pay and they are not asked to shift teacher pension costs in the coming years. >>> two d.c. councilman are entering the run to fill the position of chairman. the announcements come one day after chairman vincent gray announced he will run for mayor and must give up the seat. >>> coming up, we'll talk with adrian fenty about the announcement. >>> and a look behind 3-d television and how it will bring the feeling to your home. >>> and cherry blossoms at the peak right now. clearwaters, great reflection this morning. sticaround for tuckers forecast coming up. ♪ >>> 11 minute
your statute mirror the statute that is in existence in state of virginia? state of virginia has gone its own way and they have their own statute saying that virginia can't compel it. is your statute in florida going to look at the virginia statute? >> it will. it will -- not identical, but the general theme that floridians have the right to not participate in some government mandated program. they have the right to decide for themselves what healthcare plan is best for them an their families. so the intent is identical. >> greta: state senator, thank you, sir. we'll be watching this as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, did then senator obama have his fingers crossed during the campaign? and is there now a middle class tax hike coming? or is that just republican scare tactics? report is coming up. and what was donald trump's wife do to him if he pulled a tiger woods? you are about to learn that very answer to that very question, because we have video of donald and his wife together on "the view." this is must-see tv. do not go away. [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [
. it is in virginia. 395 northbound to get up to the pentagon. this is the delight to get past king street. they were doing earlier pothole stop. -- this is the the like to get past king street. that is all we need. long trips. >> thank you. >>> police say four people opened fire on tuesday night. one is still on the loose. we're learning new details about a possible motive. teaming up to try to stop the violence. courtney robinson is live with more. >> this community is calling this a senseless act of vience. police are searching for this fourth suspect, looking for any information they can. this as the community mourns the loss of four teenagers. brishell jones is one of four dead, killed in a hail of gunfire tuesday night. jones was just 68. >> my only child is dead. >> what makes it worse for her mother, nardyne jeffreries, as the one bracelet resulted in the shooting death earlier this month of jordan howe. a day after his death, a suspect in this murder, orlando carter, was shot in retaliation. he is being charged with three counts of murder. >> we have to come together and take their communiti
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years old. rescue crews in west virginia tried and failed today to get into a coal mine where 25 men died on monday. four other men have been missing in the mine since then. the day began with hopes of ending the four-day drama at the upper big branch mine. but search teams ran into dangerous levels of lethal gases. and with that, mine safety officials ordered them to turn back. kevin stricklin of the u.s. mine safety and health administration said there was no choice. >> this is a setback. it's not something that they won't get back in. we're going to continue to monitor that borehole number one. they are in danger and that's the whole intent of evacuating them from the mine. >> holman: once the crews were out, drilling resumed for a second, larger hole to allow more ventilation, and stricklin said the teams might try again tonight. west virginia governor joe manchin said there still was a slight chance the missing miners took refuge in an airtight safety chamber, containing four days of food, water and oxygen. >> if we have any hope of survival and they're in that rescue chamber, t
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with scattered frost. all of these counties in blue, likely scattered frost, including west virginia, where the temperatures are down into the upper 20s like yesterday morning. eastern shore in the low 40s. over the last hours. our sky has cleared out and lots of sunshine today. by noontime, ought to be in the 60s. then overnight tonight we'll have this past full moon up. it's not going to be as chilly by dawn on friday. ought to be down near 50. tomorrow's highs, low 80s and feeling like summertime and looking like the summertime pattern into the weekend too. saturday, partly cloudy and mid-80s, a chance of evening norms on sunday and perhaps get on monday. how's the traffic? >> a lot of roadwork in the overnight hours. we're moving along pretty well. traffic was being detoured for a while off the inner loop at i-66. that should be wrapped up. the district authorities are on the scene of a accident, minor in nature, but does involve an ambulance at new york avenue. authorities are on the scene. there was a patient in the ambulance and nobody seriously injured. another ambulance is on the s
the virginia piedmont and toward the mountains, mid 30s towards manassas and culpeper. the warm spot out along the chesapeake bay and potomac waters where temperatures in the low to mid 40s. sun up at 6:28 and a decent amount of sunshine by early this morning. this afternoon, could see a few clouds developing. a cold start to the morning means a cool afternoon. highs struggling to get to that 60 doig mark. good news is the winds a little bit less breezy. still a chill in the air. >> thanks so much, justin. >>> investigators are searching for clues inside an suv that belonged to a popular d.c. principal shot and killed. a neighbor called police when she spotted brian betts' stolen suv yesterday morning. the xtera was parked near fourth street in washington. the suv had been missing since betts was found shot to death in his bedroom in silver spring thursday night. >> that vehicle belongs to a murder victim, and it was taken from the scene of a murder when mr. betts was killed. there may be some information in there that will get investigators closer to learning who was responsible for his murde
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
in montcoal, west virginia. searchers returned to the mine today to recover the last of the nine bodies still trap inside. a moment of silence was held for the victims at 3:30 this afternoon. and president obama ordered the u.s. flags in west virginia be flown at half staff in honor of the 29 men killed in the disaster. >>> later this afternoon. investigators announced that the pittsburgh steelers quarterback, ben ruthless berger will not be a-- roethlisberger will not be accused of sexual abouts. >> if i did i would do so and i'm admitting to you that i can't. >> that district attorney said that there are some still questions about what actually happened at the millageville georgia night club. but they do not want to speak about this any further. they claim that the quarterback raped her back in 2008. for >>> we have a health alert for women linking alcohol to breast cancer. and that's not so new. but a study by the journal pediatrics said that heavy drinking early on leads to the risk. sandra hughs reports. >> reporter: there is nothing to toast in the latest findings that alcohol may be li
who won indiana, north carolina, virginia. he's a democrat and this whole idea of delegitimizing him. >> let me tell you -- >> it speaks to dealing with the election. >> we're about the same. i'm older than you. you talk about your kids today, they don't know what we're talking about. they don't understand the way limbaugh is talking. >> you, i don't think so. >> they think he's one of us. no question about it. if you're out, you're black, you're white, you're in. that's old talk. >> that's -- >> that's your grandparents talking. >> his name and his father and it's all mixed up in some jumble of -- >> you think the limbaugh audience not to knock anyone who listens to radio. he's a great entertainer and he's a smart guy. but could it be that the people listening to him on the radio are mad at their kids because their kids disagree with him? the kids don't think this guy is illegitimate. the kids want the health care bill. the kids voted for them. >> some of them are mad at a lot of things. >> maybe the kids too. >> their boss, their wiveses. >> i believe rush limbaugh is basically a s
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
because if they were armed that would have been against the law in d.c. demonstrators in virginia were very much armed. they gathered on national parkland thanks to a law signed by president obama earlier this year expanding gun rights in national parks it was perfectly legal for them to carry weapons. it must have been embarrassing about people kblaning about president obama infringing their gun rights they could be there because he expanded their rights. several estimates put dozens at the armed rally in virginia and hundreds at the unarmed rally in washington, d.c. those low numbers didn't stop an actual member of congress from turning out to address this teeny tiny group of people. >> we have a lot of domestic enemies of the constitution and they are right down the mall in the congress of the united states. right down independence avenue in the white house. it belongs to us. it is not about my ability to hunt, which i love to do. it is not about the ability for me to protect my family and my property against criminals, which we have the right to do. but it is all about us protectin
houston to virginia landed safely in greenszboro yesterday. somebody found the word bomb written on a bathroom mirror on the plane. the plane eventually made it to dulles. >>> there is disturbing news out of dulles. a cintder gated were class has come under attack. a man stabbed 28 children this morning. he also wounded two teachers and a security guard. -- a kindergarten class has come under attack. >>> the senate starts debate on the financial reform overhaul later today. republicans ended their three- did i filibuster last night -- three-day filibuster last night. >>> we'll talk more about the proposed financial overhaul coming up in today's business beat. >>> coming up next ache popular d.c. newspaper making a comeback. >>> the new immigration law in arizona is not sitting well with local lawmakers. what they are ask to you do about it. >>> we'll update the caps situation. the outcome of game seven was not good but we'll find out more.  [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, lan
? >>> and when rachel joins you at the top of the hour, they're saying in virginia where the attorney general is headed to a tea party event, and we'll also hang out with a faith healer. who put something in the water in virginia. my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. ♪ america. growing stronger. every day. ♪ so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty t
that democrats chances of winning the states they won last time, surprise states, north carolina, virginia, how did they do in florida eventually? three states. they have a southern strategy. i was talking to dan rather this weekend. he thinks there's a southern strategy afoot in the republican party. they're going to begin their campaign for 2012 by locking up the solid south again on the right. >> first thing declare confederate heritage month. >> don't mention slavery when do you it. >> all part of this is effort to just solidify the south as your beginning block to bring down obama. take away florida. take away north carolina. take away virginia. move north. >> uh-huh. >> that's been the republican strategy for a generation. it began with this group, by the way, that first met in 1969. the southern republican leadership conference. that's really where it began with a guy named clark read, a mississippian who is still there and very enthusiastic, by the way, about the republicans' chances this year. >> he's still there? >> very much so. >> a young party. they seem to be the heart of the repu
as a result of this. >> okay, i hear you, buddy. you are working the crowd yourself. here we go with virginia senator george allen on a somewhat more dangerous road he took in terms of language. let's listen. >> this fellow over here with the yellow shirt, macaque, or whatever his haim is, he's with my opponent so let's give a welcome to macaque here, welcome to america and the real world of virginia. >> you know, clarence before that happened i thought george allen had it all. an incredibly famous name. his father was a very popular football coach here in l.a. and also back in washington. he had the religious people with his, the conservatives with him. and he makes a comment that most people took as racial. >> that's true. i was surprised, too, by how much he plummeted afterwards. partly because how he handled it. not just the weird word, macaca in itself. i don't disagree with michael in regard to the word "bigot" being awfully strong in regard to this woman. immigration is a big issue, a hot issue right now in england. a lot of working-class voters are, indeed, upset about it. maybe they
virginia, travel lanes are open, but sunshine delays. >> we know you are waking up earlier and we are too. you can join us at a new start time at >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 15th of april, 2010. a beautiful morning here in the northeast on what is traditionally not such a beautiful morning for a lot of people across the country -- tax day. if you're going to file those tax returns, that should be a little bit nerve-racking and cumbersome for a lot of people. we'll go outside and say hello to these people on the plaza in a while. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith vieira. >>> fans are posting parts of whitney houston's performance online. take a look. ♪ >> obviously not the sound people have come to expect from the six-time grammy winner. so what went wrong? we'll have more on that coming up. >>> plus, they say all good things must come to an end. that appears to be the case for these low mortgage rates we've been seeing over the past couple of years. so what if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, what if you're looking to buy a home in the near future
front royal, virginia, on the democrat's line. caller: yes. what people need to do is look in the bible and it tells you what is going to happen, ezekiel 38 and 39, it tells you exactly what is going to happen. host: 10 more minutes of your calls. venezuela -- china's $20 billion bolster of chavez. inside i will show you a little bit of the article of where the money is going toward venezuela. china bolsters hugo chavez with a credit of $20 billion -- and a picture of the chinese representative meeting with hugo chavez over the weekend. mr. travis said it will be used for highways and other projects and will be repaid with crude -- mr. chavez said it will be used for highways and other products -- projects. southboro, in massachusetts. peter on the independent line. caller: i don't understand all of the attention that is given to iran, given that iran has never attacked anyone. we overthrew the newly elected government in 1953. we supported iraq in the suit -- in the war against iran and hence we ended up with saddam hussein. yet someone like israel has nuclear weapons has attacked leba
the virginia gold cup races on saturday. should be good weather for that here. we are starting off cool and fresh with sunshine and near 50 in washington. 40s in the suburbs and rural areas. highs should be near 80 and partly cloudy into the mid 80s and warm and humid on sunday. we could get thunderstorms and a slight risk that could be severe sunday late afternoon and evening. lingering showers drying out >> suddenly the favorite is looking like devil may care. how fitting. i can now throw to meredith. >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to florida and the bombshell dropped by governor charlie crist. on thursday the life-long republican announced he's leaving the gop to run independently for the u.s. senate. his decision comes just months after being ripped by fellow conservatives over an embrace with president obama and effectively makes former florida house speaker marco rubio the republican nominee. first we are joined exclusively by governor crist. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. >> great to be with you. explain this to me. a few weeks ago you put out a st
donald, the newically elected republican governor of virginia for tidelands drilling off virginia. >> he is in favor of, and there is florida, you get republicans in georgia in favor of it. so it is-- it's intriguing to watch the american petroleum institute and barbara boxer, the american petroleum institute endorse the president's position. so it is, i think it is intended at least in part to build political support so that the president's energy bill which makes sense so that are you not in that position you were on health care where it's all what every republican is opposed completely. >> lehrer: shocked that politics had something to do with it. >> the virginians are happy, the new jersians are not happy because they are afraid the effects will hit their waterfront. so a lot of it is political. but for an administration that has lost independence, it's a sign we not just captive to democratic groups. and by the way i have a lot of arguments with my conservative colleagues on how liberal obama is and i could point to this. coy point to afghanistan. i could point to his really being aggressive attac
. and oakland. but as you got into central virginia we are looking at the temperatures in the mid 60s and even 70s further south. so you can see the warm air held south of us, as we had the frontal boundary slip through. and also an area of low pressure wrapping in atlantic moisture. you could see on the state temperatures right now. still in the mid 40s. to lower 40s. across the parts of the western portion of the state. but we will continue to see that cool air move in. as the clouds break. we could see frost developing up along the border. especially in parts of pennsylvania. so they have actually frost advisories issued for some of the western counties out there, west of philadelphia, and also york and into harrisburg. so it looks like cool air pulling north. bigger picture shows 39 in harrisburg. so 30s are dropping in here. we will get into the mid 40s here around baltimore tonight. and tomorrow we will see things change as the 60s are allowed back into the pick. which is good. what kept us on the cool side was the area of low pressure. upper level low moving along the front. wrapping in
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